Gratefulness Diary

Wednesday 13th May 2015, Today’s gratefulnesses – For another warm sunny day meaning I could eat my lunch at the picnic benches on the lawn at work and then spend the rest of my lunch break enjoying the warmth whilst cutting our paper roses. For a phone call to tell me that my craft workshop will be delivered on Friday, so looking forward to getting it all set up 🙂 For having the energy to cook roast chicken, green beans and jacket potatoes for dinner. For being able to look out in to the garden through my sparkly kitchen window which I cleaned on Tuesday, and the garden looks so pretty too 🙂
2015-05-10 11.01.44
Tuesday 12th May, Today’s gratefulnesses, the concrete base for my woman cave (well, shed) is down and the shed is ordered, yay!!! After a rainy start, the skies cleared and I got two loads of washing done, dried and put away. I have two meet ups with friends organised, have done some crafting today and have been snipping out roses for decoupage this evening, all in all a very good day!

 2015-04-26 08.05.44

Monday 11th May 2015 Several weeks ago, I began a gratefulness diary on Facebook. Since the election, I have become increasingly caught up in the ‘fall out’, some of the things I have read and seen over the last few days have upset me, made me angry and made me feel sad and helpless, and although I would love to be able to wave a magic wand and make it all better, this is impossible. So, I have made the decision to remove myself from it, I don’t know how long I will be gone, or if I will go back to it.

So today’s gratefulnesses are, that on my way to work this morning I noticed that a baby rabbit had run out in to the road and was sitting in the middle of the opposite carriageway, there were cars approaching it, but luckily I saw that he had hopped back on to the grass verge before they reached him. I was so happy! It could have been bad but was good, he made it to safety!

And also for remembering how to mail-merge a document, even though it has been years since I last used it, and it saved me having to produce a whole load of records one by one, fabulous! and for getting through my to do list.

For it being warm enough to sit outside in  my lunch break and to have my cars windows open on the way home.


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