Weekend Preparations

This weekend has been mostly spent getting things organised for Wednesday. Megan and I went shopping so I could get some passion killing post-surgery bras, styled for comfort not glamour! Actually they are not that bad, we found some in M&S which look almost like normal bras, I have one with nice lacy bits and another in bright colous with dots. I think that I now have everything ready, PJ’s, Dressing Gown etc.

Whilst wandering about the shopping centre we passed Ann Summers, there was a large poster in the window with the caption ‘Show them some love’ publicising the ‘CoppaFeel’ campaign, I stopped to take a photo to add to my blog, it was difficult to get a decent photo without the reflections. As I was attempting to get a better picture, a man noticed what I was doing and commented ‘Oh-la-la’ I gave him a smile and carried on, his expression was priceless!

2014-10-11 14.22.35

The ‘CoppaFeel’ and indeed many other ‘check your breast’ campaigns advise how to look and feel for changes, but this would not have helped me as my lumps are too small to detect this way. I am so lucky that I had a mammogram when I did as if it had not been due for several more months the lumps may have been more serious. As it is they are around 11mm each, so just a little larger than a pea. Saw these cakes made for a fundraising event on Facebook yesterday, any men reading this, or ladies who haven’t had their first mammogram yet, this is not far from the truth!

2014-10-12 07.12.29

This morning Ray & I took Shadow to Wendover Woods for a walk, the trees look lovely, all the colours are stunning. We saw a Muntjac Deer cross the road in front of us, a Red Kite gliding overhead and the birds were singing, I love to see and hear wildlife they calm the soul and revive the spirit.

Our afternoon was spent cleaning and tidying the house, it has been neglected for ages, I don’t want to come home from hospital feeling groggy and have to look at a mess without being able to tidy up. With Megan looking after the Kitchen and Bathroom, Josh sorting through a huge box of computer bits, helping Ray dismantle the gazebo and fix my sewing box we got a lot done. I even managed to tidy away my craft bits in the dinning room, we had our Sunday roast (cooked by Megan) at the table for the first time in weeks. Thank you all for your help today, I really appreciate it 🙂

Now all that is left is Ray’s & my bedroom, the stairs and landing which I will do after work tomorrow and it will all be done. 

2014-04-18 06.25.20

 So tomorrow and Tuesday I have the challenge of getting through a load of tasks at work before I start my enforced ‘break’.

Ray & Josh have both asked me how I am feeling about Wednesday, right now I honestly feel fine with it, I can’t promise I will be feeling so blasé on Wednesday morning though! 

2014-10-03 21.10.15