Exhausting Ikea, My First Tattoos and More Hospital Appointments.

After some debate on Sunday morning about whether we should start putting everything back in the kitchen cupboards or not, we decided to wait until it is all finished. This left the day free, so we rashly decided to take a trip to Ikea, we wanted to look at storage boxes in an attempt to get better organised at home, and Megan came with us as she needed a few bits. I was really quite enjoying being out and looking at all the room schemes and managed for a couple of hours before starting to feel tired. So we had a break for the customary meatball dinner and a very welcome chance for a sit down. After finishing walking round I was exhausted and fell asleep on the way home. I think this is the most walking I have done since my op, my legs were aching pleasantly in the evening.

I came across a painting on Pinterest recently by Australian artist Kristy Milliken, the colours in it very much remind me of my post-op body, the lady has the same purple as my bruises and the same blue on her breast as the radioactive dye, After over a month, I still have the remnants of the bruises and a patch of blue on my left breast.

Purple and Blue

Monday: I have made another small step towards normality overnight, before getting in to bed on Sunday evening I decided to remove the pillows I have been using for support under my knees whilst I have been unable to sleep on my side/s. I am pleased to report that although it took a bit of time to get comfortably arranged on my side to start with, I slept well, no waking from pain and feeling no worse for it this morning, fabulous!

Ray and I have had a quiet day, I’m still recovering from the trip to Ikea so have taken it slowly. Ray and I had a short trip to Chesham to drop some surplus things in to a Charity Shop and get something for dinner, when we got home I went for a nap as I felt completely drained.

Tuesday we had an early start as we have to be at Mount Vernon Hospital for 9 am. The journey to the hospital is quite picturesque in places, we saw a Heron at the side of the canal near Rickmansworth. We have a heron that visits our garden occasionally, they are lovely birds, but not very welcome when they attempt to catch our fish.

Here is the naughty Heron perching on my Belly-Dancing Goddess statue      

Heron on the Goddess with Arrow

The Cancer Centre is in an old part of the hospital, the waiting area was very cold and the CT (Computerised Tomography) Scan room is also cold. Before having the scan the Radiographers moved me around to get me in the correct position then drew all over my chest and under my arms, took measurements and did the scan. When this was done I had my first tattoos, these are done so that the Radiographers have a constant point of reference each time I go for Radiotherapy, I have a spot between my boobs and a spot under each armpit. I’m wondering what I can have added to them to make a pretty tattoo when this is all finished? Ray suggested little hearts ❤ I got given the list of my Radiotherapy dates, my first will be on 10th December and the last on 7th January 2015, what a lovely treat for Christmas and the New Year!

The CT Scanner was almost identical to this one-

CT Scanner

Ray and I had a nice hot cup of coffee in the canteen to warm us up before setting off for home.

As seems to be the way, when we got home, a letter was waiting for me with a date for my Pre-Op assessment for the removal of the Scleral Buckle in my left eye and the date is….. 2nd December with the Operation date expected to be two weeks later! I think Radiotherapy will be more than enough for my body to cope with, I don’t think I need to have a sore eye at the same time! I have just spoken to the eye hospital and they will re-arrange it for after 12th January. That sounds like a much better plan.

And the other good news is, when we got home the kitchen workman had gone as it is all finished! Hurrah!! It does look lovely, all clean and fresh, it’s probably the nicest kitchen we have ever had! This afternoon I made a start on getting things back in the cupboards, I have filled four drawers and will do a bit more tomorrow and get some of my ‘pretty bits and bobs’ put back, then it will really feel like ‘home’ again.

I cooked dinner this evening, only the second time since my op, I’m really tired now, a recurring theme I know, I apologise if this is getting boring.


Shortly after getting my diagnosis I received a lovely text from my niece Sophie who recently gave birth to a lovely baby boy, she says:

“Hello dearest Dee, so sorry it has taken me a little while amidst near-constant dairy duties to message you and say how truly sorry I was to hear your news; I have been thinking of you and cannot believe this most elitist of trials (cancer seems to make a beeline for the very best of souls such as yours…) has happened to you, but hope you know how much we all believe in you and your ability to quash it. If there’s anything at all we can do, you must let us know. For now, saying all our prayers and sending lots of cuddles with supremely positive energy, all our love XXXXX”

It is lovely messages such as these which lift me up, and along with the constant love and support from Ray, Megan, Josh, Liza, my sisters and friend Jan I can keep going and remain (mostly) in good spirits, I cannot thank you enough, love you all very much.

2014-11-06 19.59.54

2 thoughts on “Exhausting Ikea, My First Tattoos and More Hospital Appointments.

  1. I love your picture of the bruised looking lady! Are you really going to get the radiation tattoos made into something like hearts? Wait awhile before doing that is radiation is really hard on the skin and even makes it thinner.

    • 🙂 Yes, I think I will get the dot disguised with a small tattoo, it looks like a rather large blackhead at the moment, not pretty! But yes I will wait until my skin has recovered before doing anything about it, I don’t want to have any unnecessary problems.

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