Getting Behind the Wheel – Driving Forwards

Monday, I treated myself to a day doing very little, I’m finally learning that if I have a busy day then the next should be a restful one.

2014-03-11 07.32.15

Tuesday, sunny weather equals sunny mood, and this promotes some positive action, so I set myself the challenge of a short drive, the first since my op. I needed to take a form the hospital gave me to pass to my GP requesting that I be prescribed Tamoxifen for the next five years, and also to complete a ‘Prescription Exemption’ application form. Patients receiving Cancer Therapy are entitled to free prescriptions for the duration of their treatment so I will be eligible for exemption for as long as I have to take Tamoxifen or any other anti-cancer drug therapy. While I was there, I asked if one of the nurses would be able to aspirate my seroma, and luckily it turns out that one of the nurses can do it, so I have booked in for tomorrow, it will save me a trip to High Wycombe which is brilliant!

The short drive went well, I have fixed one of those seatbelt ‘comfies’ on my seatbelt so that it doesn’t pull tight across my chest and it did a good job. I think that I will try going out every day, gradually building up the distance in preparation for returning to work.

I haven’t been able to take Shadow out since my op, I miss walks through the woods it is so pretty at this time of year with all the colours, I took this photo exactly a year ago.


One thing that I am really pleased about is being recovered enough to be able to have a cuddle, there have been times that I have really needed a hug but have been too sore to even get close to anyone, so having a gentle cuddle, especially with Ray is fabulous! Snuggles are the best!

2014-02-19 16.43.46

This evening I have helped Ray to finish emptying the Kitchen Cupboards ready for the chaos to begin tomorrow. Think I may be retreating to our bedroom, ah but maybe not, the electricians will be taking the floorboards up to do the rewiring, hmmm coffee shop or go visiting might be the solution 🙂

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