Over Doing It, and Ladies That Lunch

Yesterday I felt pretty good, well in comparison to this time last week anyway. So I decided to have a go at doing some crafting. Before going in to hospital I had gathered things together for a Dreamcatcher so that when I felt well enough I would have everything ready to make it. This is one I made recently for my good friend Jan’s birthday.

2014-07-26 15.47.01

I spent a couple of hours happily weaving before deciding I needed to stop. Yesterday evening and today I have suffered for it, my right shoulder has been very uncomfortable so I have resorted to Co-Codamol, I’m feeling frustrated about this as I really want to be well enough to get on with the normal stuff – more patience required!! Or maybe a simpler project!!

Today I went out for lunch with Jan, it was great to spend time with her, we haven’t seen each other since before my operation so had lots to catch up on.We popped in to the pet shop as Jan needed something for her dogs, the shop had advent calendars for dogs and cats, so for a laugh I bought a doggie calendar for Shadow, Ray has been shaking his head in disbelief and despair 😉 Ha ha!!

Tomorrow there is a Halloween Fayre/Table Top Sale at Chesham Town Hall, I had a table booked with the intention of selling crafts I have been making, but my breasts have thrown a spanner in the works, I haven’t been able to make enough stock, so I will be going as a customer instead, it will be my trip out for the day. It is open between 10.00 am – 3.30 pm and is in aid of The Hospice of St Frances, maybe I will see some of you there?

But for now I’m climbing the wooden hill to Bedfordshire. Good night all, sleep well

2014-03-14 06.29.26          2014-02-25 06.02.14

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