Shades of Purple, and Ventures out in to the Great Outside

Wednesday 22nd October

Since Operation Day by body has been witness to colours which are unfamiliar to it, the bruising has been developing nicely, and when I say nicely, I mean in a colourful, rainbow like manner. I have some red around the points where the wires were inserted, bruising in orange/yellow and lovely shades of purple in several places not for public viewing. (Too much information alert!) the Radioactive dye has coloured certain bodily functions green and blue. And I still have indigo coloured ‘X marks the spot’ pen markings on both breasts, being where they are I am loath to scrub hard enough to remove them – ouch!!  

Over time, these vibrant colours will fade and the wounds will heal, but – 

 I will have the scars to remind me of the turbulence I am experiencing right now, and – that’s OK.
During my pre-op tidy up, I came across the decorated bra that I made for taking part in the London ‘Moonwalk’ raising money for breast cancer charities, here I am wearing it setting off in May 2010
I also did the ‘Henley and Marlow Cancer Research Stride to help support the fight against breast cancer’, Ray and Shadow walked with me as my trusty supporters 🙂  
On Sunday morning Ray took me out for a coffee in town, this was my first venture away from home since Wednesday, it was a beautiful warm, sunny day, there were lots of people out in Chesham enjoying the fine weather. It was just about the right activity level for me, and fabulous to spend time with Ray away from the pressures of home, something we don’t do often enough. 
My sister Sharon arrived on Monday morning for a two-day visit, we walked up to the local shops to get some stamps, the post office were really slow and I queued for nearly half an hour, what with that and all the chatting I was very tired on Tuesday and spent most of the day sleeping. 
After Sharon had set off for home this morning, Josh drove me to Chesham so I could run some errands (slow walk would be a better description), I haven’t been out in the car with him since he passed his test, he drove very well and I told him so 🙂

Lynda Bellingham, who sadly passed away with Bowel Cancer on Sunday (19th October 2014) said about herself, and her family, coming to terms with her terminal cancer “By talking about it you become kind of used to it” Now I know I am fortunate in that my cancer is not anywhere near as seriously advanced, it is true that talking about it, directly with family and friends and also in this blog, does help come to terms with it.

Looking through some articles on the ‘Breast Cancer Care’ website yesterday I read that 1 person is diagnosed with breast cancer every 10 minutes.” I have been aware that the incidence in women my age and over is relatively common, but the numbers – around 50,000 in the UK each year is shocking. However, the survival rates are improving all the time so, this is the statistic to focus on 🙂
There are two things which bother me right now, one is not being able to have a proper hug, my boobies are too tender. The other is the realisation that once the treatment has finished I will not be able to say I am cured, I will be ‘in remission’ and this scares me.
2014-02-25 07.57.57

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