The night before….

So it is Operation Eve, I am wondering when the nerves will kick in, still feeling calm so far!

Over the last two days I have been running on adrenaline, got through a heap of tasks at work and at home, I have a tidy, clean bedroom to recover in when I get back from hospital tomorrow and have left a tidy desk at work.

This morning at work the lovely Annie came to bring me a card and Christmas Cactus Pot Plant in a pretty vibrant pink flower, thank you so much Annie, what a lovely thought 🙂 Your card is on our mantle-piece with others I have received from family and friends over the last few days. I am very touched by the love and support from you all, thank you so much.

Saying goodbye to my work colleagues this afternoon was touching, I had lots of hugs and good wishes. As I walked out of the main doors I had a bottom lip wobble, the reality of what is to come and uncertainty about the outcome is bubbling up to the surface.

2014-01-23 20.42.22

So, time to go check I have packed everything on the list from the hospital ready to take with us in the morning, a quick last supper before the fast begins at midnight then off to bed, sweet dreams everyone, see you on the other side 🙂


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