Getting Down and Moving On

Yesterday was not an easy one, I don’t think I have mentioned yet that at my Diagnosis Appointment last week the Doctor told me I must stop taking HRT immediately as it was feeding the cancer, cold turkey off HRT has sent me on rather a plummet emotionally, and hot flushes are occurring more often and with greater ferocity. Yesterday I would happily have gone in to hibernation, an unwelcome reminder of being in the depths of depression earlier this year.cancer-quoteBut a new day dawns with a brighter outlook and improved concentration levels. At lunchtime I got the call from the Admissions office telling me I am booked in for my operation next Wednesday! My immediate reaction was raging nerves quickly overtaken by feelings of delight more appropriate to receiving the perfect present. Now this I can’t quite fathom, why such excitement at being given the date for having both boobies messed about with in a thoroughly undignified manner defies me! On reflection it is probably because another ‘wait’ is at an end, I now know when I will go in to have these naughty lumps removed, the physical fight against the cancer is at the starting blocks 🙂

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